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What is SSRS Report Deployer

SSRS Report Deployer is a Windows-based application that facilitates deployment of SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports. Report Deployer automates report deployment routines by creating lists of Report Definition Language (RDL) files that can be deployed selectively or in full.

SSRS Report Deployer provides a straightforward and friendly interface for deploying lists of RDL files on the SSRS server. The user can configure multiple data sources, SSRS servers and report lists, as well as manage these-all within a simple single-document GUI. The deploy feature provides a detailed log of the deployment process. There is an option for clearing the target folder and backing up existing RDL files when deploying.

A purely technical specialist tool does not need to be ugly. We have included a selection of UI themes to help you visually blend SSRS Report Deployer into your working environment.

SSRS Report Deployer is easy to set up and does not require sophisticated technical skills to use.

Who this software is for

SSRS Report Deployer is intended for both business and non-profit organizations that use SSRS technology for gaining an insight into their business processes.

What technology Report Deployer uses

SSRS Report Deployer is built on the .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) platform and is based on RSBuild SQL Server Reporting Service Deployment Tool - an open source project by Microsoft. Please note that SSRS Report Deployer requires .NET Framework 4.0 to run.

System requirements

SSRS Report Deployer runs on Windows XP/7/8. The preferred hardware configuration is:


SSRS Report Deployer is 100% free to use.

We would love to get feedback from you if you have downloaded and used SSRS Report Deployer. Email to reportdeployer@offsiteteam.com with suggestions or questions.

The latest, fully functional version can be downloaded here

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