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The concept of the "App Store" popularised by the recent wave of smartphone/tablet innovation also plays a strong part in Microsoft's future platforms, giving users unprecedented access to all their favourite apps across all their devices.

Offsiteteam is already helping customers to write Windows 8 applications for the Windows 8 store.

Offsiteteam developers have mastered the ins and outs of Windows Phone 7 development, but we are still excited about the great opportunities offered by Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows 8 and sleek Surface devices. We will be happy to draw on our .NET development expertise to deliver your Windows Phone 8/Windows 8 vision!

Case Studies / Projects

Technologies: .NET C#, Win RT, WCF, PSI
Client: Trusted IT Group
Vertical Market: Technology
Description: Mobile touch interface for Microsoft Project Server. Built for Windows 8.
Project Name: Sensei Project Dashboard
Technologies: iOS SDK, CoreData, CoreGraphics, OData4ObjC, C# .NET, WinRT, WCF Client, OData
Client: Sensei Project Solutions
Vertical Market: Business
Description: The App pulls together Microsoft Project schedule information and SharePoint data to provide a comprehensive and interactive status dashboard for your project.
Project Name: Poll Rooms
Technologies: .Net, Xamarin, MVVM Cross, Win RT, WP8 SDK, Miscrosoft Azure
Client: Offsiteteam Corp
Vertical Market: Social Media
Description: The App lets you create Polls and group these into Rooms like "Family", "Friends", "Clubs", "School", etc.