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Software product companies are shifting their strategy from offering the software as a product to be bought and installed at their premises, to offering the same software as a service to be used by their users through the web – referred to as software as a service.

We provide an array of services to support all your cloud computing initiatives. We bring expertise to build and deploy applications, products and software as service in a cloud environment, as well as migrate current enterprise applications and software products to the cloud environment.

Our Cloud Computing offerings include:


Case Studies / Projects

Project Name: Auto-Parts
Technologies: .NET Silverlight
Client: Arnold Oil
Vertical Market: Automotive
Description: Auto-parts catalogue integrated with JD Edwards and Activant was designed to simplify and speed up order processing at Arnold Oil sales counters.
Project Name: CuteShot
Technologies: iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), Objective C, Java, AWS
Client: CuteTag - mobile services
Vertical Market: Game Development
Description: CuteShot is an awesome app to convert photos into nice postcards using various templates and send them per email, Twitter or Facebook.

Custom Software Development

We develop software that tightly fits the requirements of the clients depending upon their business needs.

Mobile App Development

We utilize cutting-edge technologies while following the latest trends in both native (iOS, Android, Windows RT) and cross-platform mobile app development.

Software Product Design and Development

We offer a full range of product development services for new product development and for re-engineering existing products to new platforms and technologies.

Game Development

We have a dedicated team of experienced software developers specializing in mobile/online game development adept with the latest tools and technologies.

Business Intelligence

We offer a full range of BI services to deliver your business the analytics, reporting, and dashboarding solutions that help you gain insights into your business.

Software Quality Assurance

We provide a full spectrum of independent testing solutions to organizations designing high-reliability or mission-critical software.

Graphic design

Our graphic designers have provided professional graphic design services on a full spectrum of projects for a variety of businesses — always on time and on budget.